Samantha Cadenas-Arzate
University of San Francisco - BA in Design

I am a graphic designer and graduate of the University of San Francisco. While growing up in Los Angeles, I would travel by the Metro, the local transit system, with my mom. This experience kindled my connection to the city and its people. By traveling through the many neighborhoods and cities, I learned about the communities that give life to the soul of the city. It was the communities and their people, and especially their art and culture, that inspired me with their pride and advocacy. I am interested in using my ability as a designer to sustain, heal, and empower underrepresented communities. Design can be a tool for communication, expression, storytelling, and empowerment. With humility, empathy, and open-mindedness, I hope to spend my life designing and crafting work that is sincere and radiant. I value design thinking that centers on the voices and needs of others, through non-exploitative, collaborative and sustainable solutions.