Lo Que Amas: A Cookbook Dedicated to Mama Vera
Publication and Scarf
For my senior design thesis, I created a recipe book titled: Lo Que Amas: A Cookbook Dedicated to Mama Vera. It is about how food can help us honor, remember and cherish the memories of our loved ones. Recently, my grandmother, whom all of my family knew as Mama Vera, passed away which had a huge impact on my family. I have created a recipe book of Mama Vera’s favorite dishes she enjoyed cooking and sharing with us. Each dish is associated with memories and stories my family has shared about Mama Vera. The book contains excerpts of text relating to healing, grief, and the loss of a loved one. In addition, I designed a scarf using elements of the ingredients she most commonly used in her dishes. With this project, I hoped to help heal my family’s and my grief from my grandmother’s passing, and celebrate and remember the life she lived. Sharing a meal can hold a special connection between people, so I hope anyone who reads this cookbook can reflect on their relationships and how food might nurture their bond with loved ones.

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